Volunteers Needed
Could you help someone or a group within the village. We would appreciate any time you could give to help others. Below is a list of requests for someone to help an induvidual, group or society:

Churt Beavers need a new leader.
Churt Beaver Scouts are aged between 6 and 8. We currently have Beaver Scouts without a leader. If you are able to help either by running the Beaver colony or joining up with others to run the colony please contact Chris Brown on 01428 712122. The meetings are normally for 1 hour 30 mins and you will need one hour to prepare for each meeting. There are a lot of people who will be able to tell you more about what is involved and how to run the meetings. We hope you can help.

New Members needed for the Churt Village Hall Management Committee
Churt Village Hall, situated in the very centre of the village, is a focal point for a wide variety of community organisations and events. The Committee comprises a small group of volunteers who meet every two months. It works hard to focus on service to the community - keeping the Hall running smoothly, initiating repairs and updating the fabric and contents. Fundraising events are held every few months including Jazz evenings, a Quiz night and the annual ‘Christmas Cheer’ event – to welcome all villagers and newcomers.

Chris Deacon (Chairman) Tel: 01428 

Parish council

The Parish Council is in need of several volunteers

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

Speedwatch team leader and members

New council member

Contact the clerk for details.

If you would like a request added to the section above please contact the webmaster.

Surrey County Council needs volunteers to help with a new service 'Books on wheels' which replaces the Mobile Library.  Click here for more information.