St John's School

The school stands in the centre of Churt village, completely enclosed by its own playgrounds. It was built in 1870 and has been constantly updated over the years. At present the school has three classrooms, a large hall, staff rooms, kitchen and cloakrooms. The playground has individual games areas; there is an award winning wild-life garden which is used mainly for class 'field­work'. A games field is adjacent to the village recreation ground.

Aims and Objectives

As we are an Infant school we are able to provide a sheltered environment for the youngest children. The early establishment of security and confidence enables the children to participate with enjoyment in the learning process, and to develop spiritual and social awareness espousing the Christian ethos. We appreciate that children develop at different levels and come from a variety of backgrounds. We treat each child as an individual and aim to challenge the gifted as well as support the less able. We encourage the children to be independent learners, to develop lively and enquiring minds which will enable them to reason, question and participate in discussion.

School Organisation

Since September 1995 St John's has had a 'one entry a year' policy. Children who will become five during the academic year will be admitted in the Autumn term. The youngest of these will attend only part-time initially. The school has three classrooms: one each for the reception year and academic years one and two. It is expected that children will remain together as they move up through the school.

For the ADMISSIONS POLICY for the school and the contact details please visit the school website