Go Green in Churt

This page is to help us all do our bit to save our planet for the future. As the subject is obviously vast we have tried to supply many links to specific sites to give you some ideas.

The sites that are shown are examples of what is available. They have been chosen with care and have not contributed financially in any way to this website. We are very willing to add others that you know about...

If you have any ideas or new sites worth visiting then please contact us and let me know. …Contact Us

Lifestyle related sites

www.mollycoddlesofrochester.co.uk for natural and organic skin care

www.ieko.co.uk a supplier of eco paints

www.pureh2o.co.uk for purifying your drinking water

www.swizzbee.com for buying an electric bicycle!!!

www.climatecare.org to offset your carbon emissions, give them your flight details and pay a fee which goes towards tree planting!

www.antiapathy.org A site that encourages you to live in amore eco-friendly way

Food related sites

www.clipper-teas.com for supplier of organic teas

www.organicmilk.co.uk for reasons why you should drink it!

Gardening and related sites (Don't forget to try our own Horticultural page (CHAPS))

Don't get caught out next year! Water Butts for your garden try:- Southern Water 0845 1306565....South East Water 0870 8494853....Thames Water online at www.thames2u.com..... The latter often offer good deals but if you want something with a bit more character then try www.crocus.co.uk or www.oak-barrel.com or www.harcoastar.co.uk or www.queenswood.co.uk 

www.thewormcastcompany.co.uk Bulk suppliers of wormcast (organic plant food and growth stimulant)

www.OrganicCatalogue.com for your Organic Gardening Catalogue

Waverley is offering free leaf mulch sacks to enable residents to compost their leaves this winter. Plus you can buy discounted composters and food digesters.

Energy related sites

The best way to find the cheapest supplier of green fuel for your post code is to try one of the following sites

www.energywatch.org.uk .... or..... www.uswitch.com 

Buy locally made charcoal for your bar-b-que for more info 01252 661226 or 01428 642903

Clothing related sites

www.terraplana.com for eco friendly footwear