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There are a lot of people researching various aspects of the history of Churt.  We all have our own areas of interest, and archives of material filling boxes, drawers and bookshelves at home!.

This page has been added to help avoid overlap and to share resources.  It may help to reduce the number of visits to Surrey History Centre at Woking or Hampshire Record Office at Winchester.  Please contact the Webmaster if you would like to speak to any of the people listed below.

 Olivia Cotton
 All aspects of Churt
 Many books and photographs.  Lots of original material and encyclopaedic knowledge.
 Jo Smith
 Headley in particular, but anything local.
 Website link
 Gillian Devine
 All aspects of Churt, particularly 19C and eastern part of the village.
 Excerpts from Fine Books, Land Tax records, Churchwardens' accounts, 1911 survey etc.  Mostly held electronically.
 John Gooderson
 George Roussopoulos
Bill Tate
Jumps House and Carrington