Public Access Defibrillator

A Public Access Defibrillator is being installed on the wall of the Village Hall, near the main door.  Why?

Since, following a Cardiac Arrest the chances of survival decrease by 23% per minute it is very important that medical treatment should start as soon as possible. The UK Resuscitation Council suggests an AED should be available wherever medical treatment is more than 5 minutes away. In practical terms this means the whole of the UK.

Training sessions in using the defibrillator and in the technique of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (heart massage) took place in the Village Hall last week.  I attended the training on Tuesday evening and found it very useful for giving me confidence to use the machine (the de-fibrillator is the one that delivers electric shocks), and in answering my questions.

The machine will be there for us all to use.  What a shame if we are all too afraid to use it!  Ten people came to the training on Tuesday evening, and a few more attended the Sunday morning session.  Our Churt Resonder, Neil Baker, would be thrilled if more people came forward.  A further training session could be arranged.

The links below give more information.

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