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Churt is a small village which stands on the A287 about half way between Farnham and Haslemere. It lies in the far south west of the county of Surrey, bordering both Hampshire and West Sussex. Please use this web-site to learn more about our village. Use the menus to find out what is going on and who is who!  The picture above is of our Recreation Ground with the cricket pitches and tennis courts showing clearly.

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If you would like to know what's happening in Churt or in the surrounding area, click on What's On or  Village Diary.  Visit the Clubs and Societies page to see meeting reports, etc.  The Parish Council Newsletter, Minutes of the last meeting and Agenda for the next meeting will be found on the Parish Council page.   Quinnettes and the Village Hall each have their own page.  For the Community Centre, Pavilion, etc go to Village Amenities and click on the relevant page.  You will find links to local cinemas, theatres, the Maltings, Haslemere Hall, etc under What's On/In the Local Area.  And for all your transport enquiries (plane, bus or train) go to Information and Links/Transport.

Please see below for the online link to the Churt Parish Housing Survey

Communication from David Harmer our Surrey County Councillor re Superfast Broadband and the Government's promise to have it available to all.
I have now had a chance to analyse the input from BT/BDUK (via SCC). They've made it a good deal more complicated, to accommodate the possibly now outdated commitment from the Prime Minister regarding a Universal Service Obligation of 30Mb/sec. However, it looks like most of the info is reasonably accurate. Critically it is proposed, by SCC, to concentrate the next phase on the properties with less than 15 Mb/sec (as per the originally declared intention). The 647-page listing of postcodes refers to these as "Target White". People in those postcodes need not respond to the consultation because they are already on the list for further investment.

Everyone else, unless they already have access to more than 30Mb/sec, ought in their own interests to check the data, but I've been through it and below I list the relevant postcodes with their designation.

In this context Grey means everyone in that postcode already has access to 30 Mb/sec or more.
White means they already have access to between 15Mb/sec and 30Mb/sec.

Anyone who believes that the download speed available to them (whether or not they have bought such a service) is less than the designated code for thier postcode should respond to the consultation as explained on the website.
Website - http://superfastsurrey.org.uk/superfast-surrey-state-aid-public-consultation

If they don't there is a probability that their postcode will receive no further investment, though they might still be lucky. The consultation closes on May 24th at 1700. I therefore suggest the following text for the public, and of course the lists need to be part of the communication. The question remains how best to let everyone in the Parish know. If you have an email list, you could mass mail it, and then I could (under strict supervision) go through that list and make my own list from the Register of those people not on your list who are in the grey or white listing. Then I could letter drop those people, perhaps excluding those who I believe to be already correctly in the grey list.

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For initiatives promoted by Surrey County Council please visit the Surrey County Council page.  Surrey County Council is currently consulting on its home to school transport policy for 2015. Details of the consultation and a link to the online response form are available online at www.surreycc.gov.uk/schooltransportconsultation.

The village maintains an Emergency Plan (obviously to come into effect in case of an emergency such as heavy snowfall or storm) and it is in the process of being updated.  Please look at and complete the attached questionnaire which will be used to update the plan.

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Surrey Police
Please use the 101 number when reporting any non-emergency matters to us by telephone. The old 0845 number is now permanently out of service. 01483 571212 can still be used if preferred. In an emergency always dial 999.
Our police Community Support Officer is Will Davies - William.Davies@surrey.pnn.police.uk

The Royal Voluntary Service delivers Meals on Wheels in Churt.  These are the contact details for this service.
Contacts: Helen Talbot, Alison Smyth
email: waverleysm@royalvoluntaryservice.org.uk  Telephone:01252 727280

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